Conf. univ. dr. Mircea Ioan Farcaș
  • It is a fascinating novel, written with great talent so it can be easily read by those who are not historians. The author unearths a historic truth that shines a new light on this city full of legends and myths.

    Irina Smical
  • ... I was one of the lucky few to receive a copy of this novel from the author himself. It aroused my interest for the past and the present from the very first pages I read. .. Sometimes historical truths scare us, other times they make us think... the same goes for legends... It is strange to think about Shakespeare  and “associate” him with a “chosen” one who was born, grew up and lived here for a while, and what’s more, “our man” also becomes our hero... Congratulations, Mr. Walter Ubelhart!

    Eve Treger Sitar
  • Through a coincidence or not, I  found out that a book was being published whose subject is a little-known character, connected to Shakespeare’s work; a book written by a man from Baia Mare, named Walter. Of course, I asked myself, what was not told... and what is the link between an unknown man and Shakespeare? I was looking forward to reading this novel. I never expected to be among the first people to read it. I enjoyed every word, every page,  after I had opened the book, according to an old personal tradition, at the chapter entitled “A tragic love story”... a love story from four hundred years ago, which took place in this space in which I now live... Curiosities, questions, I returned to the natural beginning of a story... from long ago... I strolled down the streets of Baia Mare, four hundred years ago, I carefully observed Johannes Banfi Hunyades, I made and broke connections between then and now, I heard the tramping of horses, the sound of carriages on the pavements, I felt the fear and the pride of success, I walked through known places, new and old, unknown locations, I understood the silence in the shadows. The tragic story intrigued and fascinated me. All of this carried me to a unique place, there and now. If I had to summarize this book in one word, it would be: EMOTION!
    Mihaela Mureșan 
  • Several years ago I listened to Professor Teodor Ardelean on December 1! His speech began as follows: "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it." (Quote by George Santayana about History). I later found this quote, exhibited at the Sighet Pain Memorial. Today I'm sorry to say that a great adventure has come to an end. I call it an adventure because I lived it emotionally, I traveled, I discovered intrigues, I did chemical experiments, I increased my knowledge area in many areas and I met strong personalities, all concentrated in the Old Town of my hometown and in the geographical areas I visited! Walter, I thank history that I met you and I'm waiting for sequels because: "History is always written wrong, that is why it needs to be so often rewritten." (Classic quote from George Santayana).
    Adriana Costela Croitoru
  • A truly sensational novel, written by a man born in Baia Mare, Walter Übelhart, captivates readers from the very first sentences. Through the chosen theme and the two-plane action, we are immersed in the corridors of time until 400 years ago, when a character from Baia Mare is revealed to us from the shadow of history, who for so long has preferred to remain discreet, Johannes Banfi Hunyades. Graduate of Schola Rivulina, where he learned foreign languages, including English, our character makes a name for himself in select circles in London, and got to be close to the great William Shakespeare, to whom he not only suggested the themes for which he then became famous, but he even gave him texts, choosing to remain unknown. The novel is written in a modern way, in which the reader can easily identify two levels: on the one hand, we are transposed in the old days, in which Baia Mare seems to be connected to the European scientific and cultural circuit, despite several medieval manifestations (witches, miraculous drugs, secret societies, occultism etc.), and on the other we witness the insistent attempts of the narrator-author to identify evidence of a fabulous past in today's Baia Mare and in the surrounding area.
    This way, Walter Übelhart, following Johannes Banfi Hunyades, captures our imagination and fascinates us with his addictive style, which places him into the world of best-sellers.
    Conf. univ. dr. Mircea Ioan Farcaș
    Centrul Universitar Nord Baia Mare
  • I read Walter Ubelhart's novel and after I started it I could not put it down. I say that this novel will be a best-seller. I look forward to a new novel written by Walter. He has a special talent. This novel transports you to times long gone with such ease that you might think you are a part of the action.
    Camelia Barbu